Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Kenya is the home of the safari!
Indeed the very word safari was invented in Kenya where in Kiswahili it means "journey." The infinite wilderness and big game of this region has long attracted adventure seekers from all over the globe. Not many countries even come close to range of landscapes, unique geographical features and species you'll find in Kenya. Few places provide the extraordinary opportunity to view wildlife in its natural habitat like Kenya does. East Africa's reputation as the archetypal safari destination is well deserved. This is a region of dramatic contrasts and extraordinary wildlife on display in un-crowded landscapes of great beauty and variety. It’s hard to rival the range of travel choices Kenya offers from scenic tours to cultural immersion; From lounging on pristine beach to adventure travel; From a broad range of sporting activities to an endless list of special interest opportunities.


Saturday, 3 December 2011


The Great Rift Valley is approximately 4,000 miles long and 35 miles wide. It was formed due to geological tension in the earth's crust that caused a deep depression, while probably forcing the sides upwards. The floor of the valley is normally below sea level. In Kenya, the Rift Valley gave rise to many lakes that have become a habitat for diverse wildlife. The walls of the Rift Valley are called escarpments; the famous escarpments of Kenya being the Mau Escarpment. The Mau escarpments are famous for their height, which rise over 8500 feet.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Lake Nakuru National Park day tour

Nakuru in Kiswahili means "Water-buck Haven". Lake Nakuru National Park, close to Nakuru town, was established in 1961. It started off small, only encompassing the famous lake and the surrounding mountainous vicinity. Now it has been extended to include a large part of the savannahs. Currently, the fenced Lake Nakuru National Park covers around 90 square miles. It has unusual but beautiful vegetation. The forest vegetation is covered with Euphorbia, tall cactus like trees and acacia woodland. The forest region is a host to over 400 migratory bird species from around the world. click to read more about this tour

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